T-Shirt Transformation.

~A brilliant way to recycle old shirts~

This is for you ladies out there who have out grown a shirt or two. Maybe it’s your favorite shirt and you just can’t find it in yourself to get rid of it. Now you will be able to wear that shirt you have grown attached to again! You won’t get to wear it as a shirt, but ship it off to Solojones and they will transform your favorite shirt into adorable, unique, panties. Yes, thats right. Panties.  What a wonderful idea! If you love your t-shirt and you love panties, then this is perfect for you.

I can’t think of a better way to wear my old shirts. I have yet to ship my shirts off but when I do, I will post before and after pictures. I might have a hard time keeping my pants on, I’ll want to show them off to the world. For the worlds sake, I will try to restrain myself. I make no promises.

Send in your t-shirts! Then let me know how your new undies look.

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