21, Cheers!

It’s official. I can legally drink. Hip, hip, hooray!
For my 21st birthday I received many gifts, a lot of them were alcohol. The most unique would have to be the tini-basket. Put together so I could have a martini picnic.
This basket had everything I needed to make my first legal drink. Along with the alcohol, the martini glasses, and the shaker. This basket also contained a blanket, appletini lip gloss, martini napkins, martini picks (for the garnishes) This basket was perfect.

The glasses and the shaker are made by Lolita. Adorable and hand-painted. Each glass has a drink recipe on the bottom which is very convenient. I highly suggest checking her website out, these glasses and accessories make great gifts. I myself want to start a collection of these masterpieces.

My shaker!

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3 responses to “21, Cheers!

  1. Arv

    what i think the gift i made for u was a lil more unique it has my face on it

  2. Tammy

    The one picture of the locket is so artistic. Well done! You know you are an amazing artist! 😉

  3. For anyone interested, you can buy Lolita glasses at http://www.glasswaredreams.com “Save10” will get you 10% off.

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