How Old Are You?

Often while at work I get asked that question.

Since I work with kids, I love making them guess. Most of the time they just assume I am the same age as their mom or dad. Or, they think I am great deal younger. Kids never seem to get it right on. Honestly, I love it when I get asked this question. I get the most hilarious answers. Because of this I will never just simply tell a child how old I am. I will always keep them guessing.

Me: ” My birthday is coming up!”

7-year-old: “Are you married yet?”

Me: (thinking that I am not sure what that has to do with my birthday) “No. Not yet”

7-year-old: “You are suppose to get married for your birthday”

Me: “Which birthday?”

7-year-old: “When you turn 30”

Me: “How old do you think I am?”

7-year-old: “29”

Me: “I am actually younger than that”

7-year-old: “How old?”

Me: “Guess” (my favorite part)

7-year-old: “15”

Me: (thinking, how did this child go from 29 to 15) “Actually, I’m 21”

7-year-old: “You should find someone to be your husband, so you can get married when you turn 30”

Me: “Yeah, I’ll work on that. Thanks for the advice”

7-year-old: “You’re welcome. Invite me to your wedding”

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