Do you know what the word exaggerate means?

Tuesday’s Gymnastics Class
Every Tuesday at 4 I coach a group of 1st and 2nd graders. This particular class is different than the rest of the classes I coach. This class loves taking turns telling the entire class about their week, their day, or anything in general. This is something they do on their own, I did not encourage it, I did not discourage it either, honestly I love hearing what these kids have to say. Today I sat back and listened while story after story was told, each one getting more and more dramatic. They stretch their stories out so much they aren’t even remotely true anymore. It may have started off being a true story, but the end result was a bold face lie.

Reese is 7. She exaggerates the most. Today she told me that her cousin tried to do the splits and her leg fell off. I responded with “wow, that sounds like it would hurt, good thing that doesn’t happen” Reese then went on to say, “no, it did happen. She was in the hospital when I called her, I could hear the doctors putting her leg back on in the background and she sounded SICK!” I tried not to laugh as the rest of the class sat in awe, I heard a couple of wows and gasps, all of them completely believed her.

It was another girls turn to tell a story, she talked about a boy in her class. She started to tell the class about how boys can’t do the splits. Reese interrupted her by saying, “That’s not true! There is a boy in my class that is so flexible he can stretch across the school. One end right to the other! His muscles are probably made out of elastic”

Again the class sat in awe. Believing everything Reese said.

Then I decided to ask Reese a question. I asked her if she knew what the the word exaggerate means. She said, “yes, it means dramatic and annoying” then she turned around and explained to the class that when she grows up she is going to have a million babies. Because spiders have a million babies, and she likes spiders. Then she told the class that she likes to collect babies, keep them in her room until they rot and feed them to mice when they do.

I hope the class didn’t believe her when she said that. I just looked at her said “you exaggerate more than anyone I know” I think she took it as a compliment because she smiled, a large proud smile.

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