Grace and the Monster

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   Grace is six years old. She has been in my class for a little over two years had has gotten good. She always wears her very short brown hair in two high pigtails that are never quite even with each other. Her hair is always sticking straight out on each side. Her leotard is too small and her underwear always to hang out of it. She is constantly tugging at her leotard or attempting to tuck her underwear in. Her voice is abnormally deep for a six year old girl, her laugh is even deeper. She is almost always laughing and no one knows what she is laughing at. She missed class one day, the day she missed all the girls were playing in the foam pit at the end of class because, I was feeling nice that day and had given them free time. Nobody wanted to get out of the foam pit. I told them that there was a pit monster. If you stay in the foam pit too long the pit monster will eat your socks. The girls thought this was funny.

The following class Grace was there. She jumped into the foam pit. She was all alone. Jenna, a classmate of hers yelled, “Grace! Watch out for the monster!” Grace was unaware that Jenna was joking around as I had done. Grace immediately buried herself in the foam and started sobbing. I thought maybe she hurt herself so I pulled her out and sat her on my lap. She explained to me that she was hiding from the monster because she was scared of him. I tried to tell her that Jenna was only pretending there was a monster. I tried to tell her that there was not a monster of any kind. Grace did not believe me. She continue crying. Desperately trying to get her to stop crying I said, “I’ll tell you what is really at the bottom of the pit if you promise to keep it a secret” My entire class huddled around me. Girls love secrets. They all swore they wouldn’t tell anyone what was really at the bottom of the foam pit. So I whispered, “There is a giant trampoline under all of the foam” Grace giggled. She didn’t believe me. It was the truth. I then had my entire class jump into the foam pit and dig their way to the very bottom. The foam pit is six feet deep, it took them 15 minutes to find the bottom. When they did they saw that I was not lying, and they cheered. Needless to say, Grace got over her fear of the pit monster.

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