He Doesn’t Stink

Boyfriend and I just went on our first date of year four.

Why I am still with him today…

  • He thinks I’m the bee’s knees, the cats hat, the bears hairs, the ants pants.
  • He adores me
  • For our second year anniversary he gave me what I wanted, RAM for my computer
  • He likes the way I tell stories
  • He reads my blog
  • He doesn’t judge me when I gossip
  • He likes my crooked teeth
  • He introduced me to my favorite podcasts
  • He hardly ever gets jealous. When he notices another guy staring at me he usually just says “that guy thinks you’re pretty” he is never mad and doesn’t get upset when I talk to other guys.
  • He bought me a web-cam so we could have video dates
  • Once he separated all the red skittles so I didn’t have to eat the flavors I don’t like
  • Because he is never embarrassed to be exactly who he is
  • He plays my favorite video game with me over and over again, even though I lose every time and it is too easy for him, he beats effortlessly
  • He wakes me up every morning so I am never late for school
  • He shares software with me
  • He likes my cat even though he isn’t a cat person
  • His eyes are blue
  • He thinks I’m funny
  • He’s just as obsessed with coffee as I am
  • He doesn’t stink, he likes being clean
  • Lets me pick out his clothes
  • Always listens to my opinion
  • Has the BEST sense of humor
  • Very protective of me and his family
  • When I name an inanimate object he calls that object by the name I’ve chosen
  • He is the most understanding person I know
  • Loves going on walks
  • Asked me to teach him sign-language
  • Taught me everything I know about my computer
  • He dances with me, ballroom style.
  • He picks out the best presents, he knows exactly what I want
  • He hardly ever frowns or yells
  • He makes me laugh even when I don’t feel like smiling
  • He’s incredibly smart, his future seems pretty bright because of it
  • He loves Pixar movies
  • He likes to be the little spoon
  • He shares EVERYTHING
  • Because he can read me
  • He gets a kick out of trying new things but he loves his routine
  • Loves when I am comfortable, sweat pants, ponytail and big t-shirt
  • His compliments are the best because they are original
  • He always let me know how adorable he thinks I am
  • He lets me steal his clothes and wear them for months without returning them. There is nothing more comfortable then a large boyfriend hoodie

This list could on for a very long time, in fact I bet tomorrow I’ll look over this post and think of ten more things I should have listed. All need to know is this, the day good qualities were handed out he was first and line and got a little bit of everything.

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