How to get strangers to smile at you

On Valentines day Build-a-Bear came to my school and all the students were allowed to make one FREE bear and choose an outfit for their new friend.

Blog readers meet Hershey,

Hershey, Meet blog readers

Now that you are acquainted I will continue with how to make strangers smile at you. After I finished making Hershey I tried to put him in my backpack. He didn’t fit. The only other thing I could do was to carry him to every one of my classes that day. People in my classes didn’t pay much attention to their new classmate. But after class I had to walk 15 blocks in a crowded city with Hershey in my arms. Almost every person I passed smile at me. I have never experienced so many smiles from strangers in one day, I couldn’t help but smile back, it was a good day. It’s funny how one little teddy bear wearing boxers with hearts on them got so much attention.

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