I Tend To Fall In Love With Strangers

Every day I take the same trains to and from the city. Every day I see the same business men and women, the same college students, the same creeps and weirdos, the same beggers…

I love them all. I love them because of their familiar faces. I love that we all recognize each other but never say a word, just a nod of acknowledgement, maybe even a smile if you are lucky.

I love the woman who no matter how cold it is wears capri’s and her hair is always a disaster as if she got caught in a wind storm before arriving at the train station.

I love the woman who sells train tickets. Everyone else loves her too, on Valentines day her office was filled with flowers and chocolates. She calls the men ‘sweetheart’ and the girls ‘honey’

I love the man who talks too loudly on his headset so anyone in the entire building can hear his business calls.

I love the boy that wears the same hat every day, its bright read poofy ball on stop and how he is always the first one on the train.

I even love the creepy man looking man with rotting teeth that you can see even when his mouth is closed. And he is balding on top but he has long wavy gray hair, he wears a trench coat with jeans and is almost always late, I get nervous that he is going to miss his train one of these days because he has to run to catch it every day.

I love the conductor who sometimes let me ride for free, he is a very friendly man. I know this because whenever I see him he smiles. I can tell he is a happy person.

I love the conductor without a memory, he paces back and forth not sure if he already checked that particular car for tickets or not. Sometimes I ride for free because he simply forgets.

I love the conductor that looks like santa clause, he looks out for me. If someone bothers me for money he always asks them to leave and will stand near me to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

I love the beggers around the train station, the man who steals newspapers and tries to resell them to the general public. I like his friend, the sax player. He is never quite in tune, his notes are always a little off but he sounds great. I love woman who sits on the ground screaming at people, she seems angry, I wish I knew what she was saying, nobody seems to understand her.

I love the crossing guards. They always smile at me, even though the area they work in reeks intensely of pigeon poop.

Every day, I see the same strangers. I don’t think I would love them as much if they weren’t strangers.

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3 responses to “I Tend To Fall In Love With Strangers

  1. Arv

    seems like you like to throw the word love around like it means nothing

  2. ro

    you forgot the dude who meditates. and you spelled woman wrong =-P

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