I’m a Mess

I want to be that girl that walks down the street looking great and put together. The girl who can handle a full class load, all of her homework, and a part time job.

Instead I’m that girl that can never find anything, my room is a mess and I can’t seem to find time to clean it. I always do my homework the night before it’s due, or on my train ride to class. My socks never match and I always spill my coffee leaving me to look like a completely slob for the rest of the day. I used to wear a white coat, I have a brown one now because the last one made me look like a walking disaster. I never have a mint and I drink coffee more than I should so my breath always reeks. My hair is always in my face and if it’s not I have hat hair, sometimes I fear that it looks like I don’t shower. I swear I do. Everyday in fact.

Once last week I made myself look great. I straightened my hair, it was shiny. It rained that day. By the time I got to school I looked like a witch on crack. On top of that I spilled coffee all over my jeans leaving giant brown spots on them. Then later that night while at work I got a bloody nose. I work with kids and having blood on my shirt while working with children doesn’t exactly look right.

All my books have coffee stains on them. I spilled coffee in my backpack once, all my textbooks and notebooks were inside, now everyone that has seen them has agreed that they look like shit. Great. Now my books are taking after me.

I wish that just once I could keep myself together.

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2 responses to “I’m a Mess

  1. I could have wrote this myself. I wish I could be that put together girl too.

  2. aw sugar….. no worries…we all have awkward spurts along the way… xoxo

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