Gross and Slightly Inappropriate

This normally G-rated blog is going to become a little more PG. I wouldn’t go write it off as PG yet, just closer to PG then most days. Because, I am going to discuss bathrooms and squatting.

Bathrooms, no matter what you do, are not sanitary places. I try my best to make sure everything in the bathroom goes as untouched as possible. When I wash my hands, I sing happy birthday to myself (in my head, not out loud folks) two times while scrubbing to ensure the cleanliness of them. I also avoid touching the door with my hands, I use my shoulder. I never flush the toilet with my hand either, I use my foot.

There is one thing that most women can do to keep their bathroom experience a little more sanitary that I cannot do, and will not ever be able to do. And that is Squatting. Squatting is the best way to avoid placing your bare booty on the same exact location someone else’s bare booty has been. The problem with me is simple: I am five feet tall. As a five foot tall woman I am simply not tall enough to hover over the toilet seat without touching it, it is completely unfair. Unless I hang from the ceiling, my bare booty has to touch that seat. Ick.

I warned you that this blog might be slightly gross and an inappropriate.

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2 responses to “Gross and Slightly Inappropriate

  1. 5’0″ myself and I totally understand. I have never had the option to squat. Luckily, I work in a hospital administration wing where they sanitize everything ten times a day.

  2. your saying..i SHOULDNT knock my jeans in the loo??? but as another 5′ tall chick… if you can wear tall enough platform shoes… you can squat! lol…

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