My Phone Evolution

It all started with the ducky phone. This phone rocked because it had the “snake” game on it.

Then I moved on to this phone, which I adored until certain people broke it in half. (It wasn’t me) The best part about it breaking in half is that the bottom half still functioned just fine, I could still make calls the only downside was I couldn’t hear the person on the other line.

Thankfully, the fools who broke my phone bought me a new one. This little guy. This guy lasted 3 years even though I treated it terribly. I dropped it constantly, the battery actually exploded. Not to worry I figured out how to jam the battery on for a short period of time so that I could still make calls. The downside to this was my battery didn’t last half a day. This phone retirement was long overdue.
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At the end of the line there is my new phone. I’d like to introduce you to Delany.

Blog readers, meet Delany
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Delany, meet blog readers

Its no iPhone but I love it. I am going to take such good care of her.

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2 responses to “My Phone Evolution

  1. My pup regularly uses my phone as a chew toy. I kind of let her because I can’t wait to get a new one! I really want an iPhone 😦

  2. I have been craving a completely unneccessary Blackberry. I’m glad you got a new toy!

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