The Old Man is Snoring

Today it rained. And by rained, I mean poured. 

By the time I got to my destination today (school) I was soaked. I really hope that being soaked is a good look for me (too bad it isn’t) Because I was drenched. It did however, make me feel skinny. The rain seems to make my clothes stretch out which makes them a little looser which makes me feel thin and tiny. Not a bad feeling if I do say so myself.

The walk to school today was especially dangerous. Not because I was in the city and I could get mugged or because of all the traffic and insane cab drivers…

…It was because of all the Umbrella’s. I did not carry one myself so I did not have the luxury of protecting myself with one. Those who were prepared enough for the downpour had umbrella’s (which happened to be the majority of people) These people don’t care about anyone around them I am convinced because, I was poked by an unbelievable amount of umbrella’s.

The worst was when there was a huge gust of wind and the umbrella would then turn inside out without warning taking down a few innocent pedestrians on the way.

Short people shouldn’t carry umbrella’s, think about it. If their short, their umbrella will be held lower then the average umbrella leaving the ends of it to poke you right in the face instead of going over your head. Which let me tell you is not the greatest feeling.

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  1. Umbrellas are dangerous things.

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