You will take pictures as I swing

I can’t wait for summer to get here. Not that I don’t enjoy the spring, because I do. I just want summer to get here, I can’t explain why.

In the summer time we will both be working a little late,
most of the day will be gone, the sun will be setting
You’ll pick me up and we’ll get smoothies
I’ll feel dirty because I worked all day but you think I’m pretty anyway
I’ll be wearing  a skirt and flip flops
My skin will be tan from the summer sun
The weather will be nice so I’ll ask you to go for a walk
You’ll bring your camera and I’ll pose for pictures
We’ll talk about work but mostly we’ll gossip
You will complain about the mosquito’s
I won’t because I never get bit by mosquito’s, ever.
We will come across a park and some swings
You will take pictures of the park
but I’ll sit on a swing
you will take pictures of me as I swing
I’ll make you nervous when I flip off
I love how much you care about my safety
We’ll talk about getting chocolate fondue
We’ll grin at each other
You’ll make fun of me for bringing a sweatshirt in the summer time
Our phones will ring but we’ll ignore them
When our walk comes to an end we’ll make tea
You’ll make it because it always taste better that way
I’ll massage your feet and we’ll talk
Our phones keep ringing, finally we’ll answer
We will finish our tea before going out
In the car we will drive with the windows down
You’ll make me laugh about ten thousand times…

Oh summer nights. I can’t wait.

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