I would rather break my neck

  A Gymnastics Coaches Blog.

    Once while I was working a piece of very large equipment fell crushing my thumb and pinching my hand. This hurt so much the moment it happened I swore out loud. Out loud in front of all my very young students. I am not sure if they heard me. I hope they didn’t.

During the next few classes following the incident my hand was throbbing, I put a large wrap around it to keep from getting blood on everything and everyone. Not the mention the wound was scary looking and was frightening the children.

 I felt useless. I couldn’t demonstrate how to do a cartwheel. I couldn’t help anyone with my right hand. Some student’s didn’t care. They asked for my help even though they knew my hand was hurt. I wanted to help and I would try, but the pain was too much.

Paige (one my students) was concerned about my hand, she asked me to unwrap it so she could see. She made me promise to go see a doctor, I told her I would. Paige had been working on a backhand spring for several weeks, she couldn’t do it without my help. The thought of my hand not working devastated her because she thought she was never going to do a backhand spring again. I set up an area with mats all around so she could do it by herself without getting hurt. Even if she fell there was no way she could get hurt, I made sure of it. She tried and she tried but she could not bring herself to do the trick all by herself. She needed my hand there for reassurance. I walked over to her, placed my hand on her back and told her that I was not going to let her fall, that I was going to help her and that she didn’t have to be scared anymore. Paige violently turned around to face me, “I would rather land on my head and break my neck then hurt your hand” she refused to let me help her. This made me smile. Then she did a backhand spring all by herself.

Even though my hand was throbbing it had been a good day.

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2 responses to “I would rather break my neck

  1. Paige sounds very sweet! I hope your hand feels better!

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