Playing House

For my spring break I had the pleasure of watching someone else’s house and dogs while they went somewhere tropical and wonderful for an entire week. I had a good time pretending it was my house and their dogs were my own. I actually slept better there then I do in my own bed.

Everything was going great until one day I came home and saw that one of the dogs mistook my book (which I happen to be reading for class) as a tasty snack.

This was his attempt to devour it.

As you can imagine while reading this book in public drew a lot of attention to anyone that happen to walk by me. I can just imagine what was going on in their heads as to what happened to my book.

Damn dog did the exact same thing last year to my chemistry book.

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3 responses to “Playing House

  1. Those dogs are awesome. I like how the L and E are still on the spine.

  2. Hahah.
    Don’t you love house sitting! It’s my favorite. I would do it for a permanent job if I could.

    When my house caught on fire I had to use a few textbooks that were completely soot covered for a while.
    That drew a lot of looks…

  3. Tim

    its a book about the triangle shirtwaist fire. they never bite the covers off of us magazine. or star weekly. always the serious books.

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