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I’d rather put honey in my socks.

It’s that time again. That time every student dreads, we all know when they are, we know what we have to do for them months in advance. They are however, worse then anything else in the world right now.


Eating Lego Sounds Fun Right Now…

If I spent half as much time studying for finals as I do reading blogs I’d be the perfect A student. Too bad I’m not. Yes I do work part time, I do commute to school, and yes I do have a full class load, this makes me a busy little bugger. You would think that every spare second I had I’d be studying for finals or working on projects. That is just not the case, I shouldn’t even be saying this right now. I have a ten page research paper, a 10 min presentation, and 3 tests to study for, instead I choose blogging.

Dang, I am so close to summer.

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Eat Dirt

So he doesn’t have to…

A new meaning to ‘dirt poor’.

Chante, a woman, is 19 years old and very hungry. So is her baby. So many just like her wake up every day with one task uppermost in their minds — to find enough food for to stay alive.

Her solution is in the big clay bowl beside her. In the early morning hours, she carries heavy buckets of dirt and water up a ladder to reach a rooftop in her town of Fort Dimanche.

Once on the roof, she mixes together three simple ingredients: the dried yellow dirt, salt and vegetable shortening. She takes this mixture and forms round “cookies” that she lays out in the hot sun.

After the product dries, she walks to her local market to sell the cookies for five cents a piece — a more affordable price for most Haitians than the 60 cents charged these days for two cups of rice.

A dangerous choice.
Some people even believe the cookies are a good thing. According to recent news stories, pregnant women in Haiti initially created the cookies as an antacid and a source of calcium.

But Haitian doctors try unsuccessfully to warn people against eating them, as they can lead to severe malnutrition, intestinal distress and other harmful effects, particularly for nursing women.

Despite the potential harm, thousands of Haitians continue to buy and eat the cookies. The taste is chalky and salty, and once eaten, the cookies suck all the moisture out of the mouth and leave a dirt-covered tongue behind.

Order your own dirt cookies!

Can I actually eat Dirt Cookies? Dirt Cookies are 100% organic and edible. However they don’t taste very good.

Why don’t they taste good? They are not suppose to, they are representative of poverty in Haiti.

Are they exactly like the dirt cookies in Haiti? No, Haiti’s dirt cookies can cause serious illness.

Where does my donation go? It helps Bright Hope’s project in Haiti providing immediate food relief and micro-loan program for developing vegetable gardens.

What is included in my Dirt Cookie Package? Six Dirt Cookies and six information cards explaining the project. We hope you will display your Dirt Cookies and inform people of the needs and opportunities in Haiti.

When will I receive my Dirt Cookie Package? Within 3 weeks of ordering.

Why am I limited to one package per donation? This campaign is not about selling cookies, it is about collecting donations to help a program feed and promote self-sustaining activities.

Where can I get more information?
Call Bright Hope at 224.520.6100
Or email Aaron at

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Personal Record Breaking Prize!

Boyfriend just informed that he will buy me my own shirt as reward if I break my own personal record for most views in one day. As of right now my most viewed day was back in December with 195 views. I have come extremely close but I have yet to break that record.

WordPress Flat View      WordPress Flat View

Help me beat my record! So I can be fashionably dorky by wearing this shirt!

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Then we started kissing

Kissing is great. I could kiss all the time. It’s a weird concept when you really think about it, slobbering and smushing your mouth against someone else’s mouth. But we love it and we do it all the time.

funny pictures

It is funny to me that everyone has different types of kissing. There is good and there is bad and that differs between who you talk to. Some people like a lot of licking and slobber and spit, others (like me) think that is a little bit gross. It is all a matter of opinion and personal taste but in general good kissing characteristics are:

1. Soft lips
2. Mouth open but not too wide
3. A little tongue
4. Smooth and slow
5. Kisses on the corners of the mouth, face, chin and neck

Bad kissing characteristics:

1. Bad Breath
2. Chapped lips
3. Small lips
4. Mouth open as wide as possible
5. Waterfall of spit
6. Fast rapid movements
7. Sucking like a vacuum
8. Biting
9. No tongue
10. Too much tongue
11. Scruff that leaves my face red afterwards

There is a lot that can go wrong, but just do what you think feels good and you are golden. If the other person doesn’t like it you shouldn’t be kissing them anyway.

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A small rant..

    To those of you who put music on your blog/website.

It annoys me.

There is a good chance that I would LOVE your site, that I’d even add you to my blogroll because of the outstanding content you have. Too bad I will never ever add you to my blogroll or even return to your blog if you have a loud obnoxious song playing in the background. I don’t want to have to turn down my volume or pause the music I am listening to just to view your site. I don’t want to and I won’t. You can suggest a song, you can even have it on your site has an option with a little play button. But please, don’t shove it down my throat forcefully.

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#1 was a no brainer

My celebrity girl crush made 2008’s sexiest women list! She landed at number 61!

FHM's #61 Sexiest Woman of 2008 - Ellen Page

Check out the rest of sexiest women list.


1. Annette

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I shouldn’t be saying this until my frontal lobe is developed…

There is a good chance that I want to grow old with you (boyfriend)

There is also a good chance that I am saying that prematurely considering I’m only 21 and still have two years (at least) of college left. After that I plan on finding a job and living on my own as a real adult for a little while.

 I can’t imagine being with anyone else.

No matter what happens, if I’m with you or not, I love right now with you. There is nothing that will change that fact. I can’t say that I am going to be with you forever, I can’t even tell you if I love you.

 I can’t because of the frontal lobe of my brain.

The frontal lobe of the human brain develops completely in persons late 20’s. Too bad that frontal lobe is the area for critical decision making. How can I make a decision about the rest of my life when the decision making part of my brain isn’t even done developing? I can’t and I won’t try.

Better be on the safe side and wait til that noodle up there becomes the best decision making noodle it can be.

I hope that what we have (boyfriend and I) doesn’t change in the meantime. I rather like having that boy around. I adore him.

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