Color Pop and Sketch

Adding the word express to normal everyday things makes those normal everyday things much better (except for express coffee, real coffee is way more tasty)

  • Express Lane
  • Express Line
  • Express Train
  • Express Tan
  • Express Mail
  • American Express

Now I would like to introduce you to Photoshop Express! Thank you so much Eclettico for introducing me to this amazing express version of Photoshop. This version of Photoshop is FREE, quick, and super easy to use. I am quite terrible at using the real Photoshop so when Eclettico blogged about Photoshop express I was eager to try it and when I did I was pleasantly surprised with how easy (and fun!) it is. If you don’t want to spend a fortune, or hours trying to master Photoshop then Photoshop Express is perfect for you!

Here are a few samples of my pictures.


After: A little color popping action


After: A little Sketching action

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  1. You like American Express because that is what your boyfriend uses to buy you presents.

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