Today is good people day. A day to recognize an awesome person in your life and talk about them, blog about them, sing about them, twitter about them. Fortunately for you, I am just going to blog and twitter. No singing. I had a hard time picking just one awesome person in my life so I decided to pick a handfull of persons.

Here’s to you good people!

Good People

My Father
He is magnificent
My Mom
She’s lovely in every way
Favorite toy is a rock
She cries when she laughs & grunts when she talks
She is hardly a cat, she is more like a lion
Elly May
Dumbest yet sweetest kitty
My dad as a chef
He makes excellent pasta
She rocks my world
He liked marshmellows
Incredibly unique and absolutely gorgous
She colors pictures for me
Margarets Goat
He is the best. Enough said
Old Shawn
He is going to be Santa when he grows up
Little Sister
A cowgirl is the way I will always think her
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5 responses to “GPD08

  1. Excellent post. I really like the direction you took this in. The illustrations are great.

  2. ro

    whats with the double people? lol

    i love this post tho

  3. Mom

    Funny stuff! I love the stick people, it is so you to choose these illustrations. They are so perfect!

    Oh, and You are lovely too! Thanks!

  4. alyssa

    that was rather amusing. i liked it a lot. and i laughed… out loud.

  5. amanda

    I’m not going to lie, you just made my day! 🙂

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