Super Permium Pack

Conversation with boyfriend.

Boyfriend: I’d like to order 1 Annette

Me: ok sir good choice, what size?

Boyfriend: petite

Me: Would you like any accessories with that?

Boyfriend: woah, since when. in the past i would have to provide the accessories

Me: Well now you can get a premium package its a new thing we just added it this year

Boyfriend: hmmm

Me: it’s a little more expensive but in the long run its cheaper

Boyfriend: So I just give Annette money upfront and she buys her own accessories, where is the fun in that?

Me:It’s not like that, this is how it works. You buy Annette and then you pick out the annette accessories
which then can be given to your Annette at any time (birthdays, Christmas, anniversary etc)

Boyfriend: omg, really

Me: yes sir.
Me: so do we have a deal?

Boyfriend: ya, how much and how fast can you be here

Me: ok do you want a the super premium pack, that comes with a lifesupply of annette accessories and whatnots, or do you want just the premium pack. I suggest the premium pack if you plan on breaking up with her

Boyfriend: Super premium please

Me: Ok let me ring that up for you

      your total comes to…. your heart.

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4 responses to “Super Permium Pack

  1. You two are too freaking cute!!

  2. Nat

    Ha ha, that is cute and sweet.

  3. hahaha Adorable. Your blog makes me laugh… definitely adding you to my reader!

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