The Caterpillar, woo!

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Megan is 7 years old. Sometimes she forgets what grade she is in. She gets excited really easily and says “woo!” after almost all of her sentences. She loves telling me about activities she does at school. Recently, she told me that her entire class is raising caterpillars. I am worried her caterpillar might be dead because she told me that she sleeps all the time. I hope she’s right and the caterpillar is in fact sleeping.

Megan: “Coach Annette! My caterpillar is the BEST one woo!”

Me: “Well of course, it’s the best because it’s yours”

Megan: “Guess what I named her??”

Me: “Bubblegum”

Megan: “No! I just want to tell you!”

Me: “Blueberry”

Megan: “Wrong! I named my caterpillar Coach Annette”

Me: “Wow, I like that name”

Megan: “I named her after my best friend”

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3 responses to “The Caterpillar, woo!

  1. thanks for stopping by the blog!!

  2. Nat

    Oh thats sweet. Caterpillars are cool. That means you may also have a butterfly named after you, as long as it is just sleeping. šŸ™‚

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