Happy little school girls.

Yesterday was one of the first beautiful days in a long time. A lot of people ditched class to be outside, my teacher looked around the room and said, “you crazy midwesterns, you get way too excited for a halfway decent day and don’t get anything done”

It’s true. The good weather put the entire city in a good mood, it almost felt as though the public was skipping down the street like little school girls.  Even strangers were smiling at each other. It was a wonderful day to be downtown. It’s amazing what good weather does to people and their moods.

The highlight of my day? My favorite tea place giving out FREE samples of Hibiscus Apple Cider tea! I have always wanted to try it, and now I have. And it came in this adorable little cup! How fun!


Argo tea falls under my list of favorite things.

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2 responses to “Happy little school girls.

  1. ro

    i want to go to school with you one day…and get argo tea

  2. i love argo tea! it’s my favorite!
    p.s. hi annette, what’s up?

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