Lucy’s Love

Lucy is 7 years old and has her life more planned out than anyone I know.

Lucy: “How many last names do you have?”

Me: “Just one”

Lucy: “My mom has two, one of them is the same as mine and the other one is her maiden name. I don’t know how many I have, I only remember one of them. I probably have more”

Me: “You only have one right now. When you get married you will have a new last name and the last name you have right now will become your maiden name.”

Lucy: “I think my last name is going to be Andrews when I get married”

Me: “Why do you think that?”

Lucy: “Well, like, I haven’t made my decision yet but, I think I am pretty sure I am going to marry Brent from my class and his last name is Andrews ”

Me: “Is Brent your boyfriend?”

Lucy: “No. Not yet, but he is going to be I know it. But not  until I am older. He is smart and funny and always nice. He is the smartest boy in the entire school. I think he would be a good boy to marry, but I am not sure yet, we’ll see what happens”


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2 responses to “Lucy’s Love

  1. This is one of the cutest conversations ever!

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