Headphones, mufflers, and the circus.

My sister and I decided to travel 2 hours and 22 minutes yesterday. Why? To watch my dearest friend Amanda preform in the circus. Yes, thats right the circus.  I will always support Amanda in anything she does, so when she told me she was apart of a circus I thought “cool.” She asked me to go and I thought, “I wouldn’t miss it!”

Easier said then done.

I was half way there when the muffler on my sisters car decided to fall off. But not all the way, just so it was dragging. Great. We just happen to be in the middle of nowhere, the only thing around us was a rotting barn and three others just like it. No signs, no mile markers, not even a tree. My sister just happen to clean our her car so there was literally NOTHING in it that could help us get the muffler back in place long enough to make it to the next rest stop or gas station. When it comes to mechanics, we just so happen to be about as useful as a fluffy little bunny rabbit

I thought for sure I was going to miss the circus.

In desperation, my sister (wearing an adorable purple dress) got under the car and used ipod headphones to tie two pieces of metal together. As seen below:

Luckily, while she was under the car being the handy yet dainty little girl she is, she found a piece of wire. She then used the wire to wrap around the two metal pieces so we didn’t have to rely on ipod headphones to hold it together.

Even though we were stuck on the side of the road for half an hour where NOBODY stopped to help us (jerks) we still made it to the circus! Where we watched my love preform. I’m glad we made it, thanks to the ipod headphones. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have found the wire and we would have been stuck on the side of the road for much longer.

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One response to “Headphones, mufflers, and the circus.

  1. That’s a brilliant idea! I’m glad you made it to the circus 🙂

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