Rules Of the Revolver

Boys are suppose to be gentlemen

Boys are suppose to walk on the outside of the sidewalk so that they are closer to traffic.
Boys are suppose to pay for your meal or coffee.
Boys are suppose to be the initiators.
Boys are suppose to open the door for ladies….

This brings me to the topic of my discussion. What is the gentlemen thing to do when it comes to a revolving door? Is the boy allowed to go first? Ladies always go first right?

I have no clue.

I had a revolving door incident today, the boy asked me if it’s ok for him to go first. I really didn’t know so I just responded with, “I don’t care, just don’t go in there with me.”

He let me go first. I don’t know if that makes him a gentlemen, personally I don’t think it matters. I am happy just as long as he doesn’t try to share the revolving door with me or sit on the same side of the table as we eat.

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3 responses to “Rules Of the Revolver

  1. I haaaate revolving doors. I will avoid them at ALL costs.

  2. i agree i hate them as well, especially because im a taller guy with large feet…so i always happen to kick the door and it makes everyone else in the door stop and run into the glass.

  3. ro

    guys should go first so that the door gets momentum. sometimes revolving doors are stupid and hard to move, so if the girl goes first it’s harder for her. if the guy goes first, he can be strong and then the girl can follow behind him easier

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