A small rant..

    To those of you who put music on your blog/website.

It annoys me.

There is a good chance that I would LOVE your site, that I’d even add you to my blogroll because of the outstanding content you have. Too bad I will never ever add you to my blogroll or even return to your blog if you have a loud obnoxious song playing in the background. I don’t want to have to turn down my volume or pause the music I am listening to just to view your site. I don’t want to and I won’t. You can suggest a song, you can even have it on your site has an option with a little play button. But please, don’t shove it down my throat forcefully.

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2 responses to “A small rant..

  1. Yes! I hate when people have music playing on their blogs. They might have great content, but I’m not looking at it when I’m busy looking for the player to click it off.

  2. Ugh I hate that too. It’s so irritating!

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