Then we started kissing

Kissing is great. I could kiss all the time. It’s a weird concept when you really think about it, slobbering and smushing your mouth against someone else’s mouth. But we love it and we do it all the time.

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It is funny to me that everyone has different types of kissing. There is good and there is bad and that differs between who you talk to. Some people like a lot of licking and slobber and spit, others (like me) think that is a little bit gross. It is all a matter of opinion and personal taste but in general good kissing characteristics are:

1. Soft lips
2. Mouth open but not too wide
3. A little tongue
4. Smooth and slow
5. Kisses on the corners of the mouth, face, chin and neck

Bad kissing characteristics:

1. Bad Breath
2. Chapped lips
3. Small lips
4. Mouth open as wide as possible
5. Waterfall of spit
6. Fast rapid movements
7. Sucking like a vacuum
8. Biting
9. No tongue
10. Too much tongue
11. Scruff that leaves my face red afterwards

There is a lot that can go wrong, but just do what you think feels good and you are golden. If the other person doesn’t like it you shouldn’t be kissing them anyway.

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2 responses to “Then we started kissing

  1. Oh my god I LOVE this picture! Saving it!!!

  2. That mouse is suave.

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