I’d rather put honey in my socks.

It’s that time again. That time every student dreads, we all know when they are, we know what we have to do for them months in advance. They are however, worse then anything else in the world right now.


Eating Lego Sounds Fun Right Now…

If I spent half as much time studying for finals as I do reading blogs I’d be the perfect A student. Too bad I’m not. Yes I do work part time, I do commute to school, and yes I do have a full class load, this makes me a busy little bugger. You would think that every spare second I had I’d be studying for finals or working on projects. That is just not the case, I shouldn’t even be saying this right now. I have a ten page research paper, a 10 min presentation, and 3 tests to study for, instead I choose blogging.

Dang, I am so close to summer.

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3 responses to “I’d rather put honey in my socks.

  1. Don’t you just love, how most of the work due is at the end of the semester, and that is usually when you are the least motivated?

  2. Nat

    Good luck with all your finals and stuff. That is exactly what I do. I am at work and should be working but instead I am reading blogs. A lot more fun then work.

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