Stop provoking me, this is going to end badly.

A gymnastics coaches blog.

i'm sorry i found a dead bat on the street and nailed it to your door

30something year old lady I work with is going to get it. I have a strong urge to just attack her with a squirt gun. She acts like the gym we work is HERS and that everything in it belongs to HER. It doesn’t.

Last week while coaching a class I wanted to use a certain piece of equipment. There is a box located in the gym that holds equipment like this, all the coaches are suppose to make sure they put the equipment back in the box when finished. The thing I was looking for was not in the box, so I asked psycho lady where they were and she looked me right in the eyes and said she didn’t know.

SHE LIED! A little 8 year old girl ended up telling me that what I was looking for was hidden away in a LOCKED locker. Who hides stuff that isn’t theirs from other co-workers? Come on. Grow up. I never did anything like that to her (yet)

One time I brought myself some mandarin oranges, I love those little oranges. Those oranges were my dinner, apparently psycho was hungry because I caught her stuffing her face with every last orange I brought.

On top of this immature behavior she yells at me, she yells at me about the way I coach MY classes.

I don’t know how much longer I can handle being treated this way, especially by a grown woman. A grown woman who wears hot pink leotards to work with those shoes that have wheels in them….there is something wrong with her.

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  1. Yay you used Wrongcards!

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