I’ll be in boyfriendville

Things I wish I could say to creepers.

I have a boyfriend, accept the fact that I don’t cheat on him and I would never consider it. No, not even with you. If that is something too hard for your brain to comprehend then stop talking to me.

You don’t care about me, so don’t pretend like you do. You are going a little bit too far just to get in a girls pants.


Don’t tell me that you think about me naked.

Don’t say that you think my boyfriend is dumb. Clearly he’s not if he is dating me.

Don’t say things to me that you wouldn’t want another guy to say to YOUR girlfriend. (if you had one)

Don’t tell me that you want me.

Don’t touch my leg, my hand, or any part of me for that matter.

Don’t ask me personal questions that make me cringe

Don’t tell me how soft you think I am, I know I’m soft.

At first, I was flattered. But there is a slight chance we are letting this get out of hand, you are taking things too far. I’m glad you think I’m hot, my boyfriend of three years thinks so too. And yes, I am still attracted to him, stop asking me if I am.

 I promise there are other fish in the sea that are single and ready to mingle. mk?

I wouldn’t even be a good girl for you anyway, trust me. I’m so not your type, why can’t you see that? Fool.

Next time creeper asks me where I am my response will be…

“A place in Boyfriendville, you know just take Youarenevergoingtogetinmypants street down to I’mnotsingle way, turn left and I’ll be at Youdontstandachance which is right next to Blueballs Mall”

“See you there? Ok great, I’ll bring boyfriend”

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4 responses to “I’ll be in boyfriendville

  1. Guys are pretty dense sometimes!

  2. zeynepankara

    I am new here. Just wanted to say hello. So hello!! Zeynep xx

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