Reasons Why I Can’t Dump You…

You found my favorite blog for me when I couldn’t

After cruising through the blogosphere on a computer that was not mine I found my new favorite blog. I couldn’t wait to go home and add this blog to my RSS reader.

…too bad I did not remember the name of the blog. I searched for what seemed like forever for this blog with zero luck. I was deeply saddened that I would not get the joy and pleasure of reading this blog on a daily basis. I told boyfriend how good this new blog was and how sad I was that I didn’t remember the name of it, and that no matter how much I googled it, I could not find it.

Boyfriend then searched for about 5 minutes and found exactly what I was looking for. He is just a genius like that. Lucky for me I can now share with you my new favorite blog! It’s a good one, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s one of those Comical/Truthful/Sad/Happy/Life/Intelligent-type of blog.

Reasons why I dumped you



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2 responses to “Reasons Why I Can’t Dump You…

  1. Thanks for sharing! I added it to my reader immediately!

  2. Well, since you plugged it incessantly, I’m going to check it out. It must be good!

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