Tweet too much?

Some people think that I twitter a little too much. I might, but that completely depends on your definition of “too much” I know there are people that twitter a lot more than I do, and some people that twitter a lot less. I think that I fall right in the middle. Yes, there are some days where I twitter 4 thousand times but in my defense there is a good chance that on those days something very interesting is happening. I cannot help but twitter. It’s like mini blogging on the go.

I would love to see someone NOT twitter the things that I see on the train

Or the things that happen when I go to the circus

Or the many crazy people that I see in public places

Or the funny things that go on in my place of work

Or things my boyfriend says

Or the funny things I see kids doing

Or the funny things my sister says

Life is funny, so I tweet about it.

It would be funny if one day I twittered something about someone, and that someone happened to be following me. For example, lets say I saw someone dressed up as a hotdog and I twittered, “Wow this idiot thinks he is a hotdog”  Then that person in the hotdog suit read the tweet. That would be the day. I hope that happens, maybe not with an idiot in a hotdog suit but something similar.

If you are on twitter, let me know and we can follow each other. It’ll be fun.

Follow me.

If you are not familiar with twitter, click here for an excellent post on twitter and how to get started


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2 responses to “Tweet too much?

  1. Great post. I really enjoyed it. The last image pretty much made my morning.

  2. ro

    i want to tweet…

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