(Random Celebrity Name Here)

I have a rant and then some photos. But first, the rant…

I hate it when people say  “you know who you look like? (Random Celebrity Name Here)”  Why is it that everyone we know resembles a celebrity or famous person? Just because they might have the same color hair? There is a good chance A LOT of people have the same color hair. And just because I’m small does not mean I look like an Olsen twin. And I’m sorry but there NO resemblance between me and Hilary Duff.

People don’t look like celebrities. I don’t look like a celebrity, I look like me.
People see what they want to see, when you look at someone and try to see a celebrity, you will.

Celebrities that look like Muppets



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2 responses to “(Random Celebrity Name Here)

  1. This is fantastic! Nobody has told me I look like anyone famous. I’m thinking that’s a good thing though!

  2. pinkish says : I absolutely agree with this !

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