Stalker Mom

Why aren’t there more moms on twitter?

Seriously though, why not?
My mother (god bless her) loves knowing where I am at all times. Yes, it’s true I’m an adult but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care or worry about me. Although she doesn’t call or text me every hour asking where I am, I know that she wants to. For her sake every once and a while I let her know what I’m doing, she loves that. Sometimes I ask her permission to do things or go places and she mocks me by saying, “How old are you? Why are you asking?”

So why aren’t there more mothers on twitter following their children? It’s the perfect way to stalk people without being over bearing. (God I sound so creepy sometimes)

Twitter is fun, everyone should do it.

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7 responses to “Stalker Mom

  1. My mom blogs and is just learning what Twitter is. I doubt she’ll sign up for that though. She’s still mad at me for signing her up for NaBloPoMo 🙂

  2. I signed up for Twitter but I can’t seem to make my phone send messages. And I forget to update it otherwise.
    I think I may delete it. It’s like having to write a different facebook status every few hours.

  3. ablogofherown,

    Don’t delete it! Ok, with the phone situation here is how it works; to set it up make sure you put your number with a +1areacode then phone number. Most people don’t realize you need to have a + before the number.

    Then make sure you send each tweet to 40404 and you are good to go! I look forward to your tweets, let me know what your username is and I’ll add you, it’ll be fun.

  4. I tried that already. My phone hates me. I can send messages to Twitter, like “Help” and I get the standard reply, but when I try to send an update it doesn’t do it.

    I can’t figure it out.

  5. I think you should start fresh and create a new twitter account. It’s worth it. I’m so addicted.

  6. Moms are too busy writing hysterical emails to their children:

  7. Margaret

    I love your mom because she worries about me and buys me recycling containers.

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