Yea, I don’t know how to use this

I finally saw SATC (and I made boyfriend see it with me, poor guy) Please note that my opinion on this movie is coming from a girl who loved and enjoyed the show throughly…

I didn’t like it overall. I think that this movie would have been better as another season, It dragged on making me anxious for it to end. And if I had a dollar for every time I said, “what the hell is she wearing?” I’d be rich. What was with the wardrobe?

The one thing I enjoyed (my favorite part in the ENTIRE movie)…

At the wedding when Carrie finds out that Big is not there

Carrie: “I need a phone somebody give me a phone!”

    (Friend hands her iPhone)

Carrie: (glances at phone) “Yea I don’t know how to use this, I need another phone!”

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2 responses to “Yea, I don’t know how to use this

  1. Arv

    how could u

    u disgust me

  2. That was one of my favorite parts of the movie. I feel like I’m committing a sin by not appreciating the clothes, purse or shoes in the movie. I’d be right there with you asking “WTF is she wearing?!”

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