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The man who lives with 5 women

34 things I love about my dear old DAD

1. I am pretty sure my dad is part of the mob.


2. For always saying as I run out the door, “You need me, you call me, I’ll come” and meaning it.

3. Because he can make the best pasta in the world

4. He used to sing me and my sisters to sleep when we were kids, we thought he was a rockstar

5. Last time the police came over it was because my dad was illegally playing paint ball with his friends in the yard.

6. He has always had a mustache, and he pulls it off nicely.

7. Ever since I was a little girl he has asked me for fashion advice

8. He is missing a tooth but you can’t tell

9. When I was a little girl he taught me how to dance by letting me stand on his feet

10. He met my mom in highschool, he keeps her highschool ID in his wallet

11. He is only 5’2 but says he is 5’3

12. He taught my friends and I how to play poker

13. He is never lazy

14. I can’t lie to him, even if I try. I think he is a human lie detector.

15. He has a unique laugh that nobody else in my family has.

16. He lives with 5 women, no men. He is a saint.

17. He wears plaid

18. He is nice to strangers

19. He tells me that I’m pretty, then he says I look just like him

20. He supports every decision I make because he taught me how to make good ones.

21. He adores my mom

22. He has pictures of me and my sisters in his office

23. When I was a little girl he used to tell me stories before I went to bed, I thought it was amazing that the story was always about a girl named Annette.

24. He has pretty good taste in music

25. If you meet my dad, you remember him. He is unlike anyone else.

26. He is always up early

27. He lets me know when I am being a brat

28. He lives with 5 women, he is very patient with every one of them

29. He has never been a dog person, but we have always had a dog because my mom loves them

30. His idea of a perfect day would be a bucket of chicken, his family, and the beach

31. He will always, and has always, provided for his family

32. If I ask him nicely, he will buy me whatever I want 🙂

33. He likes my favorite TV shows even if they are girly

34. He is stubborn and old fashion but I would never want him any other way

I love you dad, happy fathers day.

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