Two bowls of cereal

The story behind the glasses.

When I was just a little girl (three years old to be exact) my mom was making me a bowl of cereal. I started laughing at her and asked her to stop making me two bowls of cereal. She wasn’t making me two bowls of cereal. I insisted that she was, because that is what I saw. Then I explained to my mother that I saw two of everything, she looked at me and noticed one of my eyes was crossed. Thinking that I crossed my eye on purpose she told me to cut it out. Too bad I was not doing it on purpose, I had absolutely no control over that eye. The result of all this was very large framed pink glasses. (that I picked out myself after trying on about 750 pairs) I have been wearing glasses (most of the time contacts) ever since.

Although I am not cross-eyed anymore, I am still blind as a bat. The world I see without glasses or contacts is a very blurry one. I wish I could wake up and be able to see clearly one day. Think it’s possible?

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  1. Large framed pink glasses are pretty fantastic 🙂

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