A coworker of mine asked me about boyfriend. I responded with, “I am infatuated with him.”  The dumb bell didn’t know what the word infatuated meant. He got a puzzled look on his face and asked, “what do you mean, infatuated?”

What I should have said to him is, “it means I’m PREGNANT” then burst into tears and say in between dramatic sobs, “you are the first person I’ve told *WHIMPER, SHORT HEAVY BREATH* nobody knows *SNIFFLE SNIFFLE* I haven’t told anyone! *LOUD WHALE-ISH NOISE*Not even my boyfriend knows!”

Too bad I didn’t have enough guts to lie to the guy so I just said, “it means I like him A LOT, and I think he is super cool”

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3 responses to “*LOUD WHALE-ISH NOISE*

  1. Hahaha! I love the loud whale-ish noise!

  2. ro

    psh, you don’t make loud whale-ish noises you weirdo…but if you did…i would laugh. i guess, even if you were crying. ..eee..do you still want to be friends?

  3. hahaha you should have totally told him that. That’s what people with bad vocabularies bring on themselves.

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