Top Secret Girl Code

I shouldn’t even be saying this. It reveals a secret about girls and the way girls talk to each other.

We give boys code names so that no one will ever know that we are talking about them.

It’s true. We give boys nick names that tend to stick with them and they don’t even realize it. I’ve got a nick-name for almost every boy that I know. These names aren’t just random either, if I talk about a boy to best friend and use their nick-name instead of their real name she knows exactly who I am talking about. We might as well have our own language.

Sometimes the nick-names are flattering, sometimes they aren’t, sometimes they are just completely random. Once, for reasons I just can’t explain, a boy I am acquainted with received the nick-name Steak.

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
If boys only knew what girls call them when they aren’t around. Girls usually do not call boys by their secret nick-names to the boys face.

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  1. hahaha STEAK is a good one, all my boys ive spoken about on my blog have found it though and figured it out. EVERY DAMN TIME.

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