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You look like you’re having a baby

I am one of those weird kid people. You know the people that get along with kids better than they do adults? Yea that’s me. Let me tell you, they have stuff to say. Whether or not you want to hear it, they are usually honest with you…

6 yr. Caroline when guessing my age: “You are either 13 or 30”
Me: “Can’t I be somewhere in between?”
Caroline:“No. Because you are the size of a 13 year old but your face looks 30. You are to small for an adult.”

I asked 13 yr. old Delaney to keep her legs together while attempting a back handspring. Delaney’s response: “Now that is a good life lesson with all the awful role models I have in my life these days”

4 yr. old Collin: “Someone should video tape a naked butt dancing”
Me: “Gross”
what I was thinking: “4 yr. olds are into strippers/exotic dancers now? What is our world coming to?”

9 yr. old Cecilia: “Coach Annette, you look like you are having a baby”
You know you have to start losing weight when a kid thinks you’re pregnant. AH.

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3 boys, 2 girls, and 1 broken toe

Story of my Saturday

On my way to the city my train got delayed for 50 minutes (50 felt like forever but what can you do) The tracks wouldn’t switch so Mr. Conductor had to go out there and switch them manually. Apparently it is not an easy task, on top of that he was brutally attacked by bees. Poor Mr. Conductor, I bet I know what he was thinking, I bet he was thinking “I did not sign up for this” Who knew a man who operates a large train would have to fight away vicious insects.

While waiting some very strange boys decided the holy spirit had put it on their hearts to pray for my friends and I. (now that is not something that happens everyday)

Once we finally got downtown everyone was starving, we walked for what felt like ten hours before we finally ate at Panera Bread. It might have been the greatest meal ever. Then we walked for even longer to go to a bar where we only stayed for an hour but in that hour we acquired free shirts, cds, and stickers. We walked back from the bar and saw a place called “Epic Burger” we stopped to take a picture (those burgers better be something special if they call themselves epic). On our walk we had drunks offer to buy us all two shots, tempting but we didn’t stop. We were on a mission not to miss our train ride home. We barely made it, with literally only two minutes to spare we were on the train to go home. All 5 of us, 4 tipsy, 3 boys, 2 girls, and 1 broken toe.

The train ride home was full of under aged drunk kids, a loud bitch who insisted on kicking the girl puking in the bathroom from food poisoning out because she had to pee and a really touchy sweaty guy that had an obsession with poking me…in the eye. (super classy)

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Reader Friendly

I want to be completely honest and uncensored in this blog, yet I hold back. I do it because of the readers. A lot of them I do not know personally, but a lot of them I do. It’s not like I want to be mean, I just want to be honest, and in doing so I think I will hurt peoples feelings, or reveal things I shouldn’t. Everyday I start to blog something completely personal that shouldn’t be said, then I stop and blog something reader friendly.

…I guess that’s why we have post secret.

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Dear Whale, I love how you fail

One of my favorite things is when one of my favorite sites fails. No joke. I am not being sarcastic. It is hard to get upset when twitter is over capacity and the lovely fail whale appears. He is just too cute, you really can’t be upset. What is not to love about a whale being held up by little birds?

Boyfriend said it best, “The worst part about seeing the fail whale is you cant twitter that you saw the fail whale”

I am not the only one on the love for fail whale band wagon. There are so many fail-whale fans that there actually is a fan club website.

FAIL WHALE by ijustine.
Photo taken from ijustine

What would a fan club be without t-shirts?
 Here is my new shirt. I love it more than any of my other clothes right now.
My Whale by you.

Follow me on twitter.

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35 Days

Move out day is one month away! (or 35 days away but who’s counting?) Clearly I am excited about this. I can’t bring my cat (Elly May) with me, I feel bad about leaving her behind, she’s been with me for so long. I wanted to sneak her in…

…then she threw up on my bed.

I Frew Up

Kitty is staying home.


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Sex toy or popsicle? You decide.

One of my favorite tasty treats is popsicles. I love them. I love all kinds, I am the kind of person that will chase after the ice cream truck when it drives by. (speaking of which, I have yet to see an ice cream truck this summer. If you are an ice cream truck driver, STOP SLACKING)

The other day someone offered me a popsicle. I gladly accepted. It was the first time I had a popsicle in my hand and didn’t know what to do next. Sure my first instinct was to eat it, but I couldn’t figure out how. I mean, look at it…

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

…Come on really look at it. I just held it in my hands and thought, are you serious?

There is no practical way to eat this popsicle. No matter what you do it makes a mess and it is completely inappropriate. I mean honestly, it looks more like a sex toy than a popsicle (a very very cold sex toy). I cut off the top, spilling my tasty treat all over my hands. Once I  finished the top half I had to cut it again to get to the bottom half. The design of this popsicle is just ridiculous. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to design it like that couldn’t be more wrong.

Next time I am having a flavored ice, They taste just as good and are much more practical to eat, therefore more enjoyable overall.

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A short story about a giant

Story Time!

Once I made a boy cry because I told him he was too tall. (seriously though, he was a giant) I felt bad. A week later he told me he loved me (I guess he wasn’t too upset about my previous giant comment) I told him I thought he was a pretty cool dude. He was really skinny, I probably told him that too. Then he made fun of my feet. I’ve been self conscious of my feet ever since. He wanted to kiss me, we never got the opportunity. He decided to make out with my best friend instead.

I thought my world was over.

He told me he was sorry, I had already moved on. I wanted nothing to do with him (who would?) He cried again. (giant baby) He told me I broke his heart. I am pretty sure it was the other way around.

This is a true story.

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