Your overly pimped out facebook page freaks me out

Blast From the Past
Remember AOL? Back in the day, people thought AOL was the internet. As if there was no way to access a web page unless AOL was open and running. Silly foolish people.

I can honestly (and gladly) say that I never went through the AOL craze. Yea, I had an AOL account but did I use it? No. In fact when I was about 12 years old I was at my cousins house, I asked her if I could check my email ( apparently I was a nerd even at a young age) She said yes and took me to her computer. Once at her computer she opened up AOL.

I just stared at it blankly.

I didn’t realize that the internet could be accessed through AOL. At the time, in my mind I thought AOL was only for mail. I was so confused and told her that AOL wouldn’t work. She responded with, “what are you talking about? AOL is internet”

The AOL Replacement
Today Facebook has turned into what AOL used to be. Unfortunately so many of my loved ones have gotten sucked down so deep into Facebook they do not know how else to search the internet. They use it for everything. There are so many applications that Facebook has weaseled its way into every aspect of their internet using lives. Their email, their news, their games, their RSS, and their creepy stalker side.

Your Profile Page is Just Too Much For Me
When I see a Facebook page that is updated a few times day and pimped out with a billion applications and a bout a thousand photo album…it scares me a little. I can’t lie to you.

You’re Addicted?
If Facebook ever shut down I would be alright, would you? It is sad to me that so many people depend so much on it that they literally could not function well without it. (obsessive much?)

Ten signs that you are addicted

10. You feel popular when someone “tags” you in a photo (it shows others that you do actually get out).

9. The mini-feed was a hot topic of discussion for a while among your friends.

8. You think “poking” is a valid form of flirting.

7. You have Facebook “friends” that you’ve never met in person.

6. As soon as you meet someone in real life, you go home to search for them on Facebook.

5. You feel cheated now that everyone can join.

4. You have pressured someone to join just so you can “friend” them.

3. You think your image is controlled by your profile picture.

2. You’ve created a group and evangelized everyone to join.

1. You think that wishing someone “happy birthday” on their wall is sufficient.

And as a bonus…

0. You want to be the first Facebook dating “success story.”

If you think you have a problem check out How to Quit Facebook.

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3 responses to “Your overly pimped out facebook page freaks me out

  1. I don’t know anyone who uses Facebook as a wider sort of internet accesing facility, but a lot who are ‘addicted’. To an extent, i’m all for this though. It’s by far the most successful website i have ever used that is actually about socialising, both before and more usually after an event? When we have a party, it’s no longer like “that was awesome” a few days later, pictures can let you relive the night and the ewbsite allows easay discussions and my god this sounds like rambly crap.
    My point is, despite the horrible evil excessive amounts of ridiculous, pointless and downright annoying applications, it’s still a really well designed and useful website. Definately in my top 5. Thought it required a defence….

  2. Amy

    HILARIOUS! I’ve had Facebook, deactivated from Facebook and am now back at it but still don’t quite understand why.

    My favorite is when someone has hundreds of “applications” and it takes at least ten minutes to scroll down to where you can even begin to leave a message.

    Maybe it’s me, but I really don’t care how many pieces of “flair” the guy sitting next to me in algebra class in the 10th grade has.

    Great post!

  3. Bumba,

    I totally agree with you. I guess I should have stated that I like and use Facebook. It is the best social networking website that I know of.

    But my point is (obviously) some people are a little too obsessed. And some people, (my sister happens to be one of them) literally use Facebook as their internet.

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