I should have pretended to be deaf

Sitting on the train all alone with my cute self. An older man (I know he was old, he was balding) came up to me and stared. I tried my best not to stare back but then he said to me,

“Excuse me ma’am, you are the prettiest girl I have ever seen”

What I said, “Thank you”

(What I should have said, “You need to get out more”)

He said, “You are just so beautiful”B

What I said, “That is very nice of you”

(What I should have said, “Nice wedding ring“)

What he said, “Do you work downtown?”

What I said, “No”

(What I should have said, “I have reached my small talk limit for the day, sorry”)

What he said, “Where do you go to school? Where exactly is it located”

(What HE should have said, “Can I stalk you?”)

What I said, “Oh you know, around.”

(What I should have said, “It’s funny actually, my school moves all over the place avoiding creepers like you. So if I tell you where it is, it will see you coming then run and hide”)

What he said, “Do you walk there by yourself?”

(What HE should have said, “Can I abduct you later?”)

What I said, “No, never”

(What I should have said, “WHO SAYS THAT?! I mean really, you might as well scream out I AM A GIANT CREEPER WOMAN AND CHILDREN BEWARE”)

He continued to tell me where he worked and exactly how to get there as I ignored him, I even had headphones on. Who cares if it was rude? This guy wasn’t worth my time. I wish that I pretended like I was deaf and couldn’t hear him when he first started talking to me.

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3 responses to “I should have pretended to be deaf

  1. Wow. He’s not very subtle at all.

  2. Amy

    Thanks for the add on the blogroll! I like your blog too! 🙂

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