If you’re into it

I get a kick out of suggestive guys. You know, the guys who seem like nice gentlemen. The ones who won’t say exactly what they want but will instead suggest things in a joking manner in hopes that you might agree to it. Then all of a sudden they aren’t joking anymore.


Suggestive Guy: “Haha wouldn’t it be funny if we got naked” (he is totally kidding right now)

Girl: “Sure why not?”

Suggestive Guy: “Really? Cool” (Takes shirt off cause he isn’t joking anymore.)


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One response to “If you’re into it

  1. Amy

    Awesome. Sounds like a bit like my fiance.

    “Wouldn’t it be fun if we went to the strip club?”
    “Sure, let’s go.”

    And then he spits out his drink and runs as quickly as he can to the car.

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