Who knew I needed more stuff?

I am moving out and I am in need of stuff. I didn’t think I needed stuff, I thought I had plenty. But as it turns out, I do. There are also things that I don’t need that I want, like a blender. I can survive without one but it would be nice for those days I have a huge craving for a tasty blended treat.

Unfortunately, I cannot afford all the essentials, let alone the extras. I have come up with a brilliant plan to ensure I get what I need before the big move in date.

My plan?

Talk a Lot

Whenever I open my big mouth and start talking about what I’ve been up to (getting ready for the big move in day) people look at me and say something like, “well I have plenty of stuff, what do you need? let me look around for you”
Genius. I know for a fact this method of talking a lot works. I have a cousin who talks more than I do (shocker) and she scored a free washer and dryer from a couple that just happen to have an extra one lying around. People have this stuff, it’s awkward to ask for it, but if you talk enough, there is a solid chance they will offer their extra belongings to be passed on to you.

Then my plan is to become richer, get a better place, and replace the the used stuff for new stuff. Then I will be able to repeat the wonderful cycle of life and lend my used stuff to someone like me down the road who will need it more than I do.

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4 responses to “Who knew I needed more stuff?

  1. I hope you get everything you want!

  2. greg

    wonderful idea, i am going to look around and see what i have that i dont need

  3. Tammy

    which cousin talks more than you?

  4. Leigh, she talks A LOT more than I do.

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