God I am a trooper

Hello from the Apple Store!

I am here in the store after waiting FIVE HOURS! Why would I wait five hours? Because boyfriend is buying a new iPhone and I am that good of a girlfriend that I waited with him, it rained, then it poured, then five hours later, I am here. FINALLY. I am not even getting one, I want one though. At this very moment he is buying himself one, but it’s taking so long. I felt like it was the perfect opportunity to blog.

All I can say is you know you are a nerd when you wake up at 7am to stand in line for five hours, then once you get inside the store your first thought is to blog about the experience. (Also, on top of all of that, I am wearing a red wordpress shirt)

Good bye from the Apple store.


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5 responses to “God I am a trooper

  1. Tammy

    Dear Hopelessly Devoted!
    You know how I said the other day that your boyfriends a keeper…well, I think he has got a keeper too!

  2. Aw! What a good girlfriend. I’m so jealous I don’t have an iPhone though!

  3. If I waited in line for 5 hours in the rain…I’d get one. Even if that wasn’t the plan. I’d feel that I deserved it.

  4. i did the same thing saturday morning! but i had to get up at 6am. and camp out at the at&t store. they boyfriend’s lucky i like him so much (and that i claim shared custody of the new phone!)…

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