The gymnastics coach that can’t do cartwheels

A Gymnastics Coaches Blog…

I had a group of about 20 girls, all different ages, all with one goal in mind. To be a cheerleader. I myself was never a cheerleader, but I know how to flip, and to help girls learn how to flip. On this particular day my boss sent someone to help me teach the class, this someone was a man who looked just like Clark Kent (but he looked nothing like superman, just Clark Kent) I explained to the girls that I wanted them to warm up with one handed cartwheels. I asked them to alternate which hand they used, they failed to understand what I meant by that. Being the good coach that I am, I demonstrated for them, (I should say, I attempted to demonstrate) I have done so many cartwheels in my life that I do not think about them anymore, it’s not a good thing at all because, I fell FLAT on my face in front of Clark Kent, and my entire class. Great. Now every one thinks I’m the gymnastics coach that can’t do gymnastics. Not even difficult gymnastics either, a cartwheel!

I was pretty embarrassed at this point, the girls started doing their cartwheels and I went over by Clark Kent. I did my best to brush it off like it was nothing and I asked him, “So when did you start working here?” He then said, “Today. Just now actually”

Great. He will definitely remember his first day at work.

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