The Greatest Week of the Year

Lets plan on making shark week an unusually large celebration.

Don’t miss out on Shark week starting on July 27th on the Discovery Channel.

 Why? Well, I ask you. What is better than being shown three million pounds of pure muscle and eight hundred thousand teeth in seven days? What better way to spend your time than to hear the chilling tales of shark attack victims and the power of the world’s most awesome creature? You may have passed on the Discovery Channel’s lists of what you can make out of old trash, or their revamping of how we look at the myths of Amazonian women, but THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO PUNK OUT ON.

The Great White Shark Song

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2 responses to “The Greatest Week of the Year

  1. I really like that song. It is interesting because sharks might actually think like that.

  2. Amy

    Holy crap, I’m so happy to find someone that LOVES shark week as much as I do. I’m particularly looking forward to the Myth Busters show this time around. What’s not to love about a 5000 pound beast that loves to scare you? Nothing.

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