Reader Friendly

I want to be completely honest and uncensored in this blog, yet I hold back. I do it because of the readers. A lot of them I do not know personally, but a lot of them I do. It’s not like I want to be mean, I just want to be honest, and in doing so I think I will hurt peoples feelings, or reveal things I shouldn’t. Everyday I start to blog something completely personal that shouldn’t be said, then I stop and blog something reader friendly.

…I guess that’s why we have post secret.

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5 responses to “Reader Friendly

  1. Margaret

    it’s okay, tell me the truth

  2. I struggle with this every once in a while. I am pretty open and honest on my blog, but there are some things I will not discuss. I found that once I starting being more raw and honest, the more people would come forward and tell me they could relate.

  3. Amy

    I think that’s something that we all struggle with, where to draw the line. I don’t mind talking about poop or silly things but when intense emotions or relationships are involved, I tend to back off. It’s something I’m working on because I think everyone is looking for someone who is honest and straightforth with their feelings. It’s just so dang hard!

  4. sometimes you just have to speak what you feel and not worry about the readers. alot of times though someone will relate. it’s your blog though, do what makes you happy, not your readers.

  5. I struggle with this and I don’t even know my readers and blog anonymously. I just really like my readers and wouldn’t want them to think less of me and some of the things I could write. But then, I try and remind myself that I blog for me and hope they enjoy it, not the other way around. You’d be surprised how honest you could be, I bet.

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