3 boys, 2 girls, and 1 broken toe

Story of my Saturday

On my way to the city my train got delayed for 50 minutes (50 felt like forever but what can you do) The tracks wouldn’t switch so Mr. Conductor had to go out there and switch them manually. Apparently it is not an easy task, on top of that he was brutally attacked by bees. Poor Mr. Conductor, I bet I know what he was thinking, I bet he was thinking “I did not sign up for this” Who knew a man who operates a large train would have to fight away vicious insects.

While waiting some very strange boys decided the holy spirit had put it on their hearts to pray for my friends and I. (now that is not something that happens everyday)

Once we finally got downtown everyone was starving, we walked for what felt like ten hours before we finally ate at Panera Bread. It might have been the greatest meal ever. Then we walked for even longer to go to a bar where we only stayed for an hour but in that hour we acquired free shirts, cds, and stickers. We walked back from the bar and saw a place called “Epic Burger” we stopped to take a picture (those burgers better be something special if they call themselves epic). On our walk we had drunks offer to buy us all two shots, tempting but we didn’t stop. We were on a mission not to miss our train ride home. We barely made it, with literally only two minutes to spare we were on the train to go home. All 5 of us, 4 tipsy, 3 boys, 2 girls, and 1 broken toe.

The train ride home was full of under aged drunk kids, a loud bitch who insisted on kicking the girl puking in the bathroom from food poisoning out because she had to pee and a really touchy sweaty guy that had an obsession with poking me…in the eye. (super classy)

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3 responses to “3 boys, 2 girls, and 1 broken toe

  1. ro


  2. Arv

    i wasnt tipsy and im pretty sure only me and nick stopped for a picture and u guys wouldn’t wait

  3. Margaret

    I missed my train two nights ago and had to wait for FIVE hours!


    it sucked but I met a lot of interesting people

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