You look like you’re having a baby

I am one of those weird kid people. You know the people that get along with kids better than they do adults? Yea that’s me. Let me tell you, they have stuff to say. Whether or not you want to hear it, they are usually honest with you…

6 yr. Caroline when guessing my age: “You are either 13 or 30”
Me: “Can’t I be somewhere in between?”
Caroline:“No. Because you are the size of a 13 year old but your face looks 30. You are to small for an adult.”

I asked 13 yr. old Delaney to keep her legs together while attempting a back handspring. Delaney’s response: “Now that is a good life lesson with all the awful role models I have in my life these days”

4 yr. old Collin: “Someone should video tape a naked butt dancing”
Me: “Gross”
what I was thinking: “4 yr. olds are into strippers/exotic dancers now? What is our world coming to?”

9 yr. old Cecilia: “Coach Annette, you look like you are having a baby”
You know you have to start losing weight when a kid thinks you’re pregnant. AH.

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3 responses to “You look like you’re having a baby

  1. hmm, from my experience if think all 4 year olds named Colin are perverts.

    Last summer, my little 4 yr old “boyfriend” Colin was the king of everything inappropriate. He once even asked me what color my panties were.

  2. Amanda

    haha i guess you and i should do some biking/running through the lovely forested area. sounds good, ok it’s a deal!

  3. I’m a HUGE fan of naked butt dancing.

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