Big Adventures For a Little Guy

Java Joe is my little friend who spends most of his time on my desk sticking his tongue out at me while I surf the web. Recently I sent Java Joe to my roommate who is currently living in Germany. Although I enjoy having Java Joe on my desk I decided it was time he had a little adventure in his life. I knew roommate would show him a good time. I was right. He has been on the train, the subway, to the English gardens, down roommates friend’s blouse (he’s a frisky little guy). He even got lost in the park at night when roommate and her Germany friends went out in the middle of night in costume. But then he was found again! he’s a survivor.

Here are a few pictures roommate sent me of Java Joe and his adventures.

DSC00950 by you.
DSC00951 by you.

DSC00952 by you.

DSC00955 by you.

DSC00954 by you.
Thanks for the pictures roommate.

I can’t wait to see what Java Joe will do next.

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